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Aurora Tow Truck Company Transports Van

Tow Truck Company Hauls Roto Rooter Van to Dealership in Aurora, CO

RM Heavy Towing has been in business for over 25 years, making us Aurora, Colorado’s most trusted tow truck company. We provide a range of commercial towing services and have formed lasting relationships with our customers. Our drivers have the experience and skill to service any make and model vehicle quickly, efficiently, and safely. This was exactly the case when we provided tow truck services for this fleet management program customer.

RM Heavy Towing received a call from our contact at the local Roto Rooter in Aurora, Colorado. As a loyal member of our fleet management program, the company understands the need for a fully functional and operational fleet at all times. Thereby, when they noticed the check engine light of the van come on, they immediately called the local tow truck company to coordinate pickup, transport, and drop off of the vehicle at a mechanic.

As always, we were happy to help! We loaded up a tilting trailer truck and began the journey to the Roto Rooter van. Upon arrival, we found the Roto Rooter van parked in the driveway of a residential home. Our tow truck technician assessed the needs and quickly got to work.

With the help of our tilting trailer, the tow truck company completed the job easily without hassle. The technician lowered the back end of the trailer to the ground. This allowed for the van to be driven right up onto the trailer. We secured the van in place and maneuvered the trailer back into its original position for driving. 

Once everything was set, our tow truck company crew member drove the Roto Rooter van about ten miles to the dealership. At the dealership, the attachments to the van were removed. The tilting trailer was lowered down before the van was slowly and carefully driven off the trailer.

This tow truck services job turned out to be a huge success. The Roto Rooter van received the service it needed and returned to working condition soon after. Our use of the tilting trailer made the job incredibly easy and ensured for the safety of the van and all involved.

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Details of Tow Truck Company Hauling Roto Rooter Van to Dealership in Aurora, CO

RM Heavy Towing recently served as the on-call tow truck company to a local Aurora, CO fleet management program customer. While responding to a plumbing call, the driver of the Roto Rooter van noticed that the vehicle was not functioning at an optimal level and that the check engine light had come on.

After contacting the owner of Roto Rooter, the driver learned that the van was covered under our fleet program. RM Heavy Towing received the call for assistance  with tow truck services shortly after.

Our tow truck company team member loaded up our trusty tilting trailer and set out to the residential location where the Roto Rooter van was parked. After arriving, the tow truck company crew made a few notes about the situation and set out to work.

First the tow truck company technician lowered the back of the tilting trailer to the ground. The Roto Rooter van was driven straight onto the trailer and then secured into place to ensure safe transport. The back end of the trailer was returned to its position for the journey.

Next, the tow truck company crew member drove the Roto Rooter van the ten miles to the nearest dealership. Once there, the attachments holding the van in place were released, the trailer lowered down, and the van slowly backed off the trailer. 

The van was then taken in to be serviced by the dealership. We marked this tow truck company job down as a success!