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Brighton Semi Towing Required for Immobilized Truck

Semi Towing Needed for Tractor Trailer PCM Issue in Brighton, CO

The Powertrain Control Module is an integral component of a tractor trailer’s functioning. This technology acts as the brains of the truck, controlling the transmission and engine to provide optimal power delivery and fuel efficiency. Among these tasks, the PCM senses more than 100 factors on a tractor trailer. 

It’s safe to say that a diesel truck with a PCM issue is equivalent to a human trying to operate without a brain. Thereby, when the PCM fails to perform as expected, it can result in an immobilized truck that requires semi towing to the nearest diesel repair shop.

RM Heavy Towing recently responded to a call for semi towing services in Brighton, Colorado for this exact issue. A semi truck with an attached car hauler would not start while parked at a railyard. The driver of the truck determined that it was likely a PCM issue preventing him from reaching the dealership. Fortunately, after a quick Google search for Brighton semi towing services, the driver found RM Heavy Towing and gave us a call.

Upon arrival at the scene, our semi towing team quickly got to work assessing the situation. The semi had a loaded car hauler attached and carrying a Toyota Tacoma truck and a 4 Runner. Some difficulty arose due to the low clearance of the hauler to the ground. Going from ten inches to a foot off the ground was simply not possible. Not to worry though – we developed a quick strategy to get the job done.

With the help of our 35-ton heavy wrecker and axle lift, we used an under-reach technique with a special fork tool. This enabled the semi towing team to get the truck and car hauler attached. From here, the truck was towed to the nearest diesel repair shop for diagnosis and resolution. Our semi towing driver took the I-76 Frontage Road to the shop to ensure a safe delivery.

Despite the lack of “brains” in the affected truck, our semi towing crew was able to find a quick and effective solution for hauling. Great work, RM Heavy Towing!!

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Details of Semi Towing Needed for Tractor Trailer PCM Issue in Brighton, CO

A broken PCM is a major issue for a tractor trailer or any other type of vehicle that utilizes this technology. This is because the Powertrain Control Module attends to many functions of the truck, most importantly controlling transmission and engine capabilities. When the PCM is negatively impacted, more than 100 other factors can also fail to operate as expected. Due to this, a compromised PCM can often require semi towing services to reach a nearby diesel repair shop.

The semi towing company, RM Heavy Towing, recently took on such a job. We received a call for semi truck towing services in Brighton, Colorado. A semi truck was stranded at a local railyard en route to a Toyota dealership. The cause – a broken PCM. With a Toyota Tacoma and Toyota 4 Runner loaded up to an attached car hauler on the back, the driver had a delivery schedule to keep.

The driver of the immobilized tractor trailer placed a call to a trusted Brighton semi towing company – RM Heavy Towing. Not long after, our semi towing team arrived at the location to provide semi towing services. After a quick diagnosis of the situation, the semi towing crew identified a challenge as a result of the low clearance of the car hauler to the ground. Luckily, thanks to the quick thinking of our semi towing technicians, a solution was found.

Using the 35-ton heavy wrecker and axle lift, the semi towing team used an under-reach technique and a special fork tool to attach the affected semi and car hauler for towing. The semi towing technician then provided semi towing services along the I-76 Frontage Road to the nearest diesel repair shop for a resolution to the PCM problem. 

This semi towing job was a great opportunity for our semi towing team to expand their expertise for semi towing services.

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