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Fire Leads to Vail Tractor Trailer Towing

Tractor Trailer Towing of Fire-Damaged Semi

RM Heavy Towing recently completed a Vail tractor trailer towing of a fire-damaged semi along Interstate 70 in Vail, CO. The experienced RM crew received a call from a customer who reported that his vehicle had caught on fire. He explained that the airbags and air line plumbing in the semi were completely destroyed and that 4 of his tires were compromised. 

Upon arriving at the scene, the Vail tractor trailer towing team assessed the situation and realized that 6 of the tires had been burned. Realizing that the vehicle was too badly damaged, they got to work and removed the damaged wheels from the truck. They transferred his load to another trailer and carefully transported the debris and vehicle back to headquarters. 

Unfortunately, the semi sustained too much damage, but the driver was relieved to have such efficient service and a smooth towing experience. We are glad that the driver got out safely and that our crew was able to save the day. Kudos to the professional team at RM Heaving Towing on a job well done! Keep up the great work! 

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Details of Tractor Trailer Towing of Fire-Damaged Semi

RM Heavy Towing received a call from a customer requesting a tractor trailer towing in Vail, CO. The customer called the Colorado towing company, RM Heavy Towing, located at 10371 E 106th Ave Suite A, Brighton, CO 80601 after the incident occurred. 

Upon receiving the call, the dispatcher asked the customer for more information about the incident. The customer explained that his semi had caught fire and was badly damaged. All the airbags and air line plumbing in the vehicle were all completely destroyed, hence the need for Vail tractor trailer towing. 

The Vail tractor trailer towing team from RM Heavy Towing left their headquarters in Brighton and made their way to the location along Interstate 70. They drove west toward the tractor trailer towing site. To complete the tractor trailer towing, the crew of two employees brought with them a heavy duty wrecker and a ramp-type trailer. 

Once the Vail tractor trailer towing duo arrived at the scene, they carefully assessed the situation before commencing the tractor trailer towing. The customer told the phone dispatcher that 4 tires had been compromised, however, once they arrived at the scene, the tractor trailer towing team realized he actually had 6 burned tires.

They began the semi towing job by ‘borrowing’ two tires from his tractor to allow 1 axle to roll on the ground. Then, they chained up the other axle and removed all the wheels from the tractor. The ramp-type trailer was used to transport the damaged wheels and all the debris we picked up from the site. 

To complete the Vail tractor trailer towing, the RM team transported the driver back to their headquarters which was about 100 miles away and transferred his load to another trailer provided by the owner. They made sure to travel at a reduced speed due to missing wheels. 

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