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Semi Towing Company Called to Littleton Rideshare Lot

Snow Causes Driver to Call Semi Towing Company

If you live in a snowy city, you know how tough the roads can get during the winter season and how situations can sometimes end up with you calling a semi towing company for help. Dealing with inclement weather can be a daily occurrence for truck drivers and they often need to call for assistance when they are caught in a pickle. 

RM Heavy Towing recently helped a driver in Littleton, CO after his truck got stuck in the snow. The driver was driving in the upper parking lot of a rideshare lot and didn’t see the median between the upper and lower parking lots because of the snow. Unfortunately, he drove over it and ended up needing the assistance of a local semi towing company

The RM Heavy Towing crew was more than happy to lend a helping hand. Once they received the driver’s call, a heavy towing professional promptly made his way to the scene. He got to work straight away, and in less than 30 minutes, the driver was out of the snow and back on the road! 

Kudos to the RM Heaving Towing crew for always being there – rain, shine, or snow! Keep up the great work! 

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Details of Snow Causing Driver to Call Semi Towing Company

RM Heavy Towing, a semi towing company located in Brighton, CO, and Cheyenne, WY, recently answered a call from a driver in Littleton, CO. The driver called the semi towing company after he realized that he was stuck and could not get out of the snow. 

The driver was driving through a rideshare lot carrying an empty load when he got into some trouble that required him to call the semi towing company. The driver was driving in the upper parking lot of the rideshare lot. However, due to the snow, he did not see the median between the upper and lower parking lots and drove over it.

The driver and his truck ended up stuck in the snow and needed the assistance of a semi towing company, RM Heavy Towing. The semi towing company dispatcher sent over one semi towing company employee to the location. 

The semi towing company employee left the RM Heavy Towing headquarters at 10371 E. 106th Ave. Brighton, CO 80601, and made his way to the parking lot off of W. Ken Caryl Avenue in Littleton, CO. He brought with him a 50-ton wrecker to complete the job.

Once the semi towing company employee arrived on the scene, he assessed the situation. The semi towing company professional decided that the best course of action was to get the driver out the same way he got in there.

The semi towing company pro hooked cables up to the back of the trailer and winched the trailer back into the parking lot. The entire recovery took the semi towing company only 20 minutes, and no further damage was done to the driver’s vehicle.