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I-80 Heavy Truck Recovery: Swift Action Saves the Day

Keeping It Cool Near West Wyoming

When a vehicle brakes down on the highway, several things are of concern. The safety of the driver and passing motorists, the flow of traffic, and the integrity of cargo. With these factors in the back of our minds, we answered a call that reported a truck breakdown just west of Cheyenne, Wyoming. A long-standing account customer had reported a severe coolant leak in their heavy-duty truck during a routine transport mission. The incident required an immediate response to prevent further complications on one of America’s busiest highways. Understanding the urgency, RM Towing & Recovery quickly dispatched a 30-ton tow truck for this I-80 heavy truck recovery. That kind of heavy truck could definitely handle the substantial weight of the stranded vehicle.

Cheyenne heavy towing

Careful Connection

Upon arrival, our operator assessed the situation and safely connected the disabled truck to our tow truck. He handled this process with focus and care to prevent any additional damage to the truck, environmental hazards, or obstruction of highway traffic. Our operator towed the truck to a repair shop, where it was fixed the next day. 

I-80 Heavy Truck Recovery: Rapid Response A Heavy Truck Emergency West of Cheyenne

The Cold Facts of a Hot Recovery

A routine journey on I-80 turned urgent when a heavy-duty truck experienced a severe coolant leak just west of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Broken down vehicles on highways always present a risk to their drivers, passing motorists, and potentially the environment. Not to mention the delays truckers suffer in their already jam-packed schedules!

Immediate Dispatch

We immediately dispatched a 30-ton tow truck strong enough to handle this I-80 heavy truck recovery. We know that time is money for our trucking customers!

At the Scene

Upon arrival, our operator quickly assessed the situation. He then safely connected the truck to our tow truck, ensuring that the process did not cause any further damage to the vehicle or pose additional risks to highway safety during this I-80 heavy truck recovery operation.

Keeping it Moving

The operator towed the truck to a nearby repair shop, where it was fixed the next day, minimizing downtime for our client and maintaining the integrity of their operations. Our ability to swiftly address and resolve such emergencies ensures that our surrounding highways remain safe and open for all motorists.

I-80 heavy tow truck

Ensuring Smooth Supply Chains with Expert I-80 Heavy Truck Recovery

At RM Towing & Recovery, our goal is to provide quick and reliable I-80 heavy truck recovery services. We aim to play our part in keeping America’s supply chains moving efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining continuity at all times. Whether it’s a critical breakdown or a hazardous situation on the road, our team is ready to respond with expertise and the right equipment. For the best in I-80 heavy truck recovery, look no further than RM Towing & Recovery. Trust us to keep the roads safe and your cargo secure, no matter the challenges. We’re up for it. 

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